Can Medical Marijuana Help Treat Patients With Breast Cancer?

This nontraditional medicine is one of the most fiercely debated topics. It has both supporters and opponents among researchers, specialists, and policymakers.

Medical cannabis is a plant-based medicine that contains around 400 different chemicals. About 70 of them are cannabinoids. The three major active ingredients include THC, CBD, and CBN. These cannabinoids help treat diseases and relieve symptoms.

What Is The Difference Between Medical And Regular Cannabis?

Medical cannabis is not quite the same as regular marijuana. The major difference is in the amount of THC. It is this ingredient that affects the change of consciousness and can cause hallucinations. Regular marihuana can contain between 5% and 35% THC. It has nothing to do with treatment, but on the contrary, it adversely affects the human body. At the same time, medical cannabis includes only 1% of THC that has no negative effects.

However, both types of cannabis contain cannabidiol (CBD), which has no psychoactive properties. This substance is added to food, decorative cosmetics, or oils. It is cannabidiol that helps people control painful syndromes. 

In addition to smoking, cannabinoids are used for medicinal purposes in the form of tablets, drops, tea, ointments, sprays, or inhalations.

The most widely recognized use for it in the US is for pain relief. While this plant-based medicine isn’t sufficient for extreme pain like a broken bone, it is highly useful for chronic pain.

Moreover, medical cannabis is prescribed for cancer fighters, epileptics, patients with the post-traumatic syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and war veterans.

Marijuana is permissible, on the state level, in 29 states, and Washington, DC. You’ll need an MMJ card, which requires a doctor’s evaluation before you can access a dispensary. If you live in the state of Florida, Orlando medical marijuana cards guarantee plenty of support on the medical side of cannabis legality.

Medical Marijuana: Treatment For Cancer

According to recent studies, marijuana’s active components can stop the tumor from growing. They block cell growth and blood vessel development, which are essential for tumor growth. In doing so, cannabinoids can kill tumor cells while protecting healthy units.

Scientists claim that marijuana has a therapeutic effect in treating glioma, thyroid tumors, and large intestine cancer. It is also successfully used for treating prostate and breast cancer.

Today when traditional treatment fails, doctors have a bigger toolbox. However, there is still ongoing research on mammary cancer medication.

At present, cancer fighters receive complex treatment like chemo and radiation as part of cancer therapy. Chemo, for example, leads to many reactions that are hard to persevere. Among the common side effects caused by chemotherapy are fatigue, hair loss, queasiness, and appetite changes.

Medical cannabis has shown a lot of promise for enhancing mammary cancer therapy. Continue reading to find out whether this treatment can help you beat the disease.

Medical Cannabis For Breast Cancer

Many cancer fighters cannot afford the therapies needed to slow down breast cancer progression. Not only is medical cannabis a more affordable option but it also alleviates symptoms and reduces tumor cells. Although cannabis is an untraditional approach, it still is a huge part of the tumor treatment regimen. That being said, marijuana is not essentially an aid for mammary cancer. It only helps with the adverse effects and pain alleviation.

Medical Marijuana: Aid for Side Effects

The present preferred treatments for mammary tumors often cause some uneasiness. Chemo, radiotherapy, and surgery can result in pain, queasiness, decreased appetite, or other unpleasant symptoms. Whatever treatment you undergo, it always entails some unsettling feelings related to it or recovery.

 Fortunately, medical cannabis is becoming more available as a protected, delicate, and effective alternative. Here is some of its main usage specifically for breast cancer:

Pain alleviation

Research shows that cannabis can help ease the pain caused by a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Marijuana’s active ingredients have the same effect as opioids, which are the strongest pain-relieving medications. Both cannabinoids help cancer patients alleviate pain in many ways. However, it takes some time to find the right dose. That is why it is recommended to take it slow with the drug. Additionally, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, cannabis can reduce discomfort.

Nausea and vomiting

Many years ago, patients who got chemo had to cope with nausea or vomiting. At present, there are a lot of traditional and alternative medications available to handle these symptoms. And medical marijuana is one of them. It has been known as an anti-sickness medication for a large number of years. Activated by THC, our receptors exhibit anti-emetic responses. This, in turn, controls nausea and vomiting. 

Loss of appetite

Decreased appetite is another debilitating effect of cancer therapy. Medical cannabis can help you handle this issue. The THC ingredient and other active ingredients, increase the sensitivity of food smell receptors, thus improving appetite.


Cannabis is well-known for managing insomnia and sleep issues. It is not surprising. It has been a sleep aid for many years. Thanks to its sedating effect, medical marijuana helps fall and stay asleep. It also makes sleep more revitalizing and extends sleep duration.

Quality of Life

Although this “side effect” does not cause any physical distress, it should never be overlooked. While THCs are responsible for pleasant psychoactivity, CBDs help you fight anxiety and lift your mood.

Does Medical Marijuana Actually Cure Cancer?

As we can see, marijuana cannot beat cancer. Instead, it helps reduce the adverse results of tumor treatment. There is a break in the clouds, though. Preliminary studies show that some active ingredients do fight tumor cells in labs. However, more research is required to decide on its effectiveness.

That being said, cancer patients shouldn’t search for temporary solutions. Nevertheless, cannabis can definitely be considered as a helpful and effective alternative to relieve mammary cancer symptoms.

Speak With Your Doctor First

Marijuana may not be a magic pill for all diseases. However, it can help you improve your present state. If you’re interested in marijuana for medical purposes, be sure to contact a doctor first. Since there are a lot of restrictions, you need to get an MMJ card.